Preventive Fissure (Sealant)


Dental sealants are estheticwhite colored materials which are applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth in the back. Sealant materials are preferred to avoid the bacteria and food particles which cause the caries.

How can it be applied?

Dental sealants are usually applied in a dentist's office.The sealant materials being applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth are directly adhered to the tooth. They are very durable to heavy chewing pressure and supply a protection to decay.

Can it be applied for all types of tooth?

No, it can’t. Plastic-based materials are designed to fill in tooth. This material can not be applied to the front, back and side areas on tooth.

Is it painful?

Sealant application isn’t an engraving process so it isn’t a painful application.

Does dental sealant be applied to the filling teeth?

If teeth have a filling, sealant process can not be applied.

At what age do I prefer fissure sealant for my child?

Sealants are very effective for children. This is applicable to the child out of the first permanent molar teeth around the ageof six.The other time for the best application is out of the second permanent molar teeth around the age of twelve.

Is it appropriate for adults?

Yes, it is. Adult’s teeth are in a high risk of deterioration and dental sealant is appropriate for them.