Implants are used as artificial roots when a patient doesn’t have any teeth or has a problem with one or more tooth deficiency. The patients can chew via implants like their own teeth. The patients can get the best results with this method which does not damage the teeth beside even a single tooth deficiency. The implants are made of extremely durable titanium that can adjust with the jawbone. Within local anesthesia the implants can be applied during half an hour. It’s intended that the implants work regularly for a lifetime.

- When the implant can be applied after the teeth extraction?

In such cases, first of all it’s examined if there is contain lesion, cyst or infection in the tooth root; the structure of the bone and the condition of teeth roots. According to the reasons, implant can be applied immediately or it can be waited for filling up the extraction cavity with bone in about 3 or 4 months.

- Is the patient’s age important for implant application?

No, the age isn’t effective for implant applications. The important thing is patient’s bone structure for implant fixation.

- How do I make the best care of my implants?

Patients must brush their implant area regularly. Implants which do not be cared permanently can cause gingival diseases or bone losses.